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Hi, I'm Elijah Brown and welcome to my site,! The name AD7ZJ is my ham radio callsign, and I occasionally post stuff I'm working on here for my own reference and for the benefit of anyone else who is interested.

Flying my Cessna 140 over Roosevelt lake

Electronics/Software Projects

Image taken off an ANSR flight from approximately 40,000 ft

I enjoy tinkering with electronics and software and I've done quite a few little side projects in this area. Here are the ones I remembered to write down and take pictures of :)

Arizona Near Space Research (ANSR) flies unmanned high altitude balloons around Arizona both for fun/education of its members and in support of several college programs. I have been involved in the maintenance and design of the flight tracking beacons identified below. For general info on the club or on student payloads, please visit our main site

  • Flight Computer 1.0 — The original ANSR flight computer and crossband repeater.
  • Flight Computer 2.0 — Gen 2 of the flight computer. My first attempt at a non-trivial embedded project...
  • PIC APRS Beacon — A simple APRS tracking beacon. My goal was to generate the AFSK output without a modem chip.

I have done a handful of projects related to ham radio and antennas. Here are a few of those - I think the magnetic loop is the most interesting. They are an excellent choice for HF if you are limited on space.

Mechanical Projects

I have been mechanically inclined for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I often don't think to take pictures or keep track of stuff I've fixed or worked on, but here are a few highlights.

Misc Stuff