ASW 15

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This was my first glider to own. Since I've had it, I re-did the instrument panel to incorporate an SN10 glide computer and a more modern Becker 4201 COM. I also added a mountain-high oxygen system. The fuselage has been refinished with polyurethane paint. The wings still have gelcoat which is a little worse for the wear, and we plan to refinish those eventually. But for now, it flies great. I've had quite a few good flights in this glider. It's very easy to rig and handles nicely in the air - very stable and no pitch sensitivity. This is one of the early 15s with the balsa wing spar, requiring annual inspection. The glider lived many years back in new york and now it lives in the dry Arizona climate. Hopefully at this point fungus won't be an issue for this particular glider!

After landing in Kingman
The grand canyon
Prescott area soaring
Revised instrument panel


AD 75-17-11 (check clearance between rudder and fin)

AD 84-20-01 (elevator belcrank inspection, has been reinforced so no longer recurring)

AD 95-09-12 (wing spar inspected & treated for fungus, inspection recurring)


Use 3M 4200 FS marine adhesive for gluing on the tailwheel. 1/2" or so around the outside edge of the wheel to allow break-away in the event of a ground loop.

SSA article on TE probes