Iteris RZ-3 Cameras

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The RZ-3 appears to be an older model made by Iteris, but most the ones I have still work fine. A friend got a pile of them in a scrap deal - they are used on traffic lights and such to monitor traffic or control the lights. I have used them as security cameras for a number of years with good success. They are definitely a commercial grade camera. They run off 120/240 VAC which is supplied through the round Deutsch connector at the rear of the camera. Inside there's a switching power supply that provides 12v to the electronics. Per Iteris, they had solar power in mind so I suppose the camera could be powered by 12v DC directly bypassing the power supply.

Camera pinout.jpg

Pinout of the rear connector. Zoom and focus are driven by 12VDC.


Camera mount.jpg

I welded the mounts out of various pieces of scrap I had lying around. This works well as it allows positioning of the camera in pretty much any direction. I've had some of these up for quite a number of years and they are still working great. Even in the occasional snowy conditions, the heaters are usually enough to keep the lense clear.