Cessna 140

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Flying over Northern Arizona
Jack pads
Waiting for clearance from ground. Taken by airport ops.

Replacement LED bulb for Grimes swing down http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/whelen461l.php "WHELEN PARMETHEUS SUPER LED REPLACEMENT LIGHTS - 14V PAR 46 - PLED461L"

Vernier mixture control (McFarlane MC600-72): http://www.mcfarlane-aviation.com/Products/?CategoryID=223&ID=61817070&Make=Cessna&Model=140&PartNumber=MC600-72&

Tempest AA48110-2 oil filter

Brackett BA-4108 air filter element

McCaulley brakes

Linings are B30026, Rapco equivalent is RA066-30026

Brake assembly is C-30018-5

Especially Interesting/Fun Pictures

I must have thousands of pictures from flying but I will post a few of my favorites here...

Landing 21L

Landing in Prescott after a snow storm.

Red creek

Camping out at red creek airstrip


Departing prescott at sunset