Honda CRF230F

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Corrected wiring diagram


Stock jets

Main: 102

Slow: 42

Stock jetting is lean especially on the slow jet. Can move up to a 45. A 45 slow and 120 main is the standard if the air snorkel is removed.

Modifications ("Uncorking")

Recommended Jets

'05 needle: 16012-KPS-901

120 main: 99113-GHB-1200

118 main: 99113-GHB-1180

45 slow: 99103-MT2-0450



Lube swing arm and linkage bearings as well as fork head bearings.

oil: 10w40 every 1000km / 30hours. a semisynthetic motorcycle oil is cheap and safe

air filter: clean and lube when dirty. check it at least every 5-10 hours (after any ride if you ride in mud and sand).

chain: clean and lube after any ride. Wd40 is not a good lubricant. prefer a specific lube. a spray or, better and cheaper , an high viscosity gear oil.

slack should be 1 inch with the bike on the kickstand (push down and measure from swingarm, push up and measure from swingarm. difference should be 1 inch)

valve clearance: every 2000km / 60hours

brake oil: once a year

plug: once a year

tire pressure: every 15 days

fork bleeding: every month


Recommended for basic trail riding:

Front: Bridgestone ED11

Rear: IRC VE-33 rear.

Pirelli MT16 for front and rear was also recommended.