Building C-140 Patroller Doors

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Building C-140 Patroller doors

Patroller doors are one of those things that look really cool but are pretty hard to find. A number of people have modified regular cessna doors to make them, and this is my attempt at that.

Standard C140 door

This is the starting point. I marked out the cutout based on dimensions taken from the cessna drawings and then used a cutoff wheel to cut it out. Go slow, this will leave a nice cut that requires minimal effort to finish later. I left the corners like that so they can be rounded out nicely later on.

Outside skin cut

There's the outside skin cut. Had to drill out a few rivets to get that free from the inside skin.

Inside skin cut

Working on the inside. Notice how it's pressed outwards - that's for rigidity, but will make this modification a little more trouble because we need that to be flat now. Next step is to separate the door skins. This means drilling out a lot of 3/32 rivets. I used a 3/32 bit, drilled the head "just enough" and then used a pin punch to drive the rivet out the back. It goes quicker than you would think.

Relief cuts

This was my solution to getting the pressed inner skin to lie flat, making a number of relief cuts.

Inner doubler

Additionally, my door had some cracks by the latch so I made a doubler to go inside this area. Next step is fabricating the 'Z' channel stiffeners. I didn't find a place to buy this stuff, it's kind of a specific dimension... so I made it on a sheet metal brake.