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* [[Raspberry pi notes]]
* [[Raspberry pi notes]]
* [[KD7LMO Archive]]
* [[KD7LMO Archive]]
* [[Dump Windows Cert Authorities]]
== Getting started with MediaWiki ==
== Getting started with MediaWiki ==

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Hi, I'm Elijah Brown and welcome to my site, AD7ZJ.net! The name AD7ZJ is my ham radio callsign, and I occasionally post stuff I'm working on here for my own reference and for the benefit of anyone else who is interested.

Image taken off an ANSR flight from approximately 40,000 ft

Balloon Beacons & Tracking

Arizona Near Space Research (ANSR) flies unmanned high altitude balloons around Arizona both for fun/education of its members and in support of several college programs. I have been involved in the maintenance and design of the flight tracking beacons identified below. For general info on the club or on student payloads, please visit our main site ansr.org.

Airplane Stuff

Ham Radio

Renewable Energy

Misc Stuff

Getting started with MediaWiki