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The software and hardware sources for the tracking controller are located in the following git repository:


The original tracker code is written in basic, for the Pic Basic Pro compiler - this is under the 'PicBasicPro' branch.  I'm in the process of switching it over to a C implementation which is what's in the master branch.  


I've also put up most of the code for my logging page in a separate repository here:


This is meant to run on a linux server with PHP, MySQL, etc.  You run the data_log.php script every 30 mins or so with a cron job, and the rest goes in whichever directory you have setup to be accessible from the web.  Obviously this is not a canned solution at this point.  The data_log.php has to be pointed at whichever address the modified linksys router (or otherwise) is at and an appropriate MySQL database will need to be created.  It should be pretty easy to figure out the structure from the data_log.php code.  It could use a little better documentation, which I will probably add as I get around to it :-)