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Posted here are some videos we've collected over the years.  I particularly like the glider towing ones, though the wingless races are pretty amusing. :-)




This is a video of John Buckner's "Oxymoron" flying on only one engine.  It's an oxymoron since it's capable of dropping the engines and flying as a glider, and in fact is what we're using as a glider for aerotowing.  The takeoff to landing was accomplished with the left engine dead (prop removed to reduce drag). 



One of our later taxi races.  Everyone races around the cones with the wings off; 10 laps, and whoever makes it first (or is left standing) wins.  No rules, except the planes have to be capable of flying. 




Here's a video of my taxi racer flying.  It's meant to be very durable, not pretty :-).  The fuselage is made of PVC downspout and aluminum 'U' channel.  The tails are coroplast sign material. 




One of the first flights on my E-3D.  This was given to me by a friend who passed away, and it's a great airplane.  It's powered by a Mega brushless inrunner motor and 3 cell 4400 mAh LiPo batteries.  







Another Taxi Race...




John Buckner's 6 engine Telemaster.  All OS 25 FXs.  




Night Flying!  This is really a lot of fun, and not as hard as you might think.  We use 1157 tail light bulbs with both filaments burning at once.  That gives you some redundancy should one fail, and makes it nice and bright.  The color comes from being wrapped in transparent red or blue monokote (the heat of the bulb melts it on).  I know LEDs are hugely more efficient, but the directionality is a big problem in this application.  You need to be able to see it well from most any direction.




Havasu Float fly.  This is really a lot of fun, and there's some neat planes.  There's a crash at the end of this one :-).  




My Ultrafly Outrage biplane flying in the backyard.  This was one of the best foamies I had.  It's extremely durable and flew great.  The full fuselage looks nice too, and it would hold a knifedge very well.   




My 1/3 scale Pitts Special




Glider towing again