R/C Airplanes PDF

I've been flying R/C airplanes since I was 9 and still love the hobby.  I've gained a lot of skills and met many good friends along the way.  Most the images below are clickable to bring up a higher resolution version.  


Quicky 500

 This is a Quicky 500 I (re)built a couple years back.  The covering is monokote - I designed and cut the wavy checkers on a friend's vinyl sign cutter :-)



 This is my Great Planes 1/3 scale Pitts biplane.  It's powered by a 42cc "US Engines" engine.  




 Here's a picture of it flying



 This is an assassin flying wing from crash test hobbies - these are a blast!


This is a Phoenix strega I used to fly RCPro warbird races with.  The shark face is made of monokote trim sheets.  I've since replaced the engine with a Saito .91 which has worked well so far.



This is my E-3D.  It's an early electric design, but is pretty 3D capable and a lot of fun to fly.  It's got a brushless inrunner 'Mega' motor with a 3:1 (roughly) gearbox.  I have a 60 amp castle creations ESC and a 3800 mAh 3 cell LiPo in it.

Reactor Biplane